What Are the Most Popular Tupperware Products?

There are a multitude of Tupperware products that can make your life easier. This household name-brand was born in 1946 when inventor Earl Tupper created an innovative plastic for the purposes of food storage. Although first offered for sale in stores, Tuppers' food storage products were eventually sold through home parties.

Tupperware home parties are commonplace these days, but were quite revolutionary when Tupper hatched the idea. The beauty of the business mdoel is that it gives potential customers the benefit of seeing the products in action and even asking questions about them before they made a purchase. To this day Tupperware is sold through parties thrown by knowledgeable dealers who demonstrate the leading products.

One of the most popular Tupperware products, or product lines to be more exact, is the Rock n Serve. These plastic containers are practically indestructible and have texture on the bottom. The lids have rocker vents which let steam out when microwave cooking. Rock n Serve containers can be used in both the freezer and the microwave, making them perfect for all kinds of food storage applications. The containers in this product line are available in beautiful jewel tones as well as clear, and come in sets for your convenience. Each set offers a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Another one of the most owned and used products is the Tupperware hamburger press, which takes the mess out of forming patties. Your hands need never come in contact with uncooked meat thanks to this ingenious device. The ground meat is scooped into the press, then the handle is pressed down and twisted gently. You can store the patty in the Tupperware keeper container or flip it onto a plate if you're ready to cook. All parts of this hamburger making tool are dishwasher safe. You can use any kind of ground meat and even shape hash brown potatoes in this handy press.

There's a Tupperware product for ever different kitchen job you can imagine. These items come with a lifetime guarantee which means they are the only storage containers you'll ever need to buy. You may notice Tupperware is more expensive on average than the other brands of plastic containers sold in stores. This is a classic case of "you get what you pay for" because in addition to the lifetime guarantee Tupperware offers incredible durability and innovative design, to make cooking and storing food hassle-free. Tupperware makes a great wedding or Mother's Day gift, and can even be a career opportunity for you as well.


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Andersson keeps his 'Tupperware' fresh in Straz performance
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Andersson keeps his 'Tupperware' fresh in Straz performance
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